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System Tune-ups

Spring time is a great time to schedule a System Tune-up and start working on that green lawn again! A System Tune-up may be needed any time of year if you are experiencing dry, dead or water saturated spots.

After the winter season, prepping your sprinkler system for warmer weather is an essential maintenance item for your home. If you had any issues with your sprinkler system the prior year, most repairs can be completed during a Sprinkler Tune-up appointment. If the sprinkler system was properly winterized the previous year, a startup appointment will make sure the sprinkler system is ready to run efficiently.


Homeowners need a thorough system check each year to ensure that their system is functioning optimally.


This includes inspection and maintenance of the following:

  • Backflow prevention assembly inspection.

  • Proper operation of electric control valves with timer/controller.

  • Turning on sprinkler system water if turned off for the winter

  • Inspection of Timer/Controller for proper operation

  • Zone by zone inspection and alignment of spray pattern of every spray head

  • Inspected for proper coverage of landscape in the zone being operated

  • Programming of timer/controller for compliance with city regulations

  • Answering of all questions customer may have about sprinkler system


Own a commercial property and need a System Tune-up or Evaluation of the sprinkler system for the year? Give us a call to discuss the particulars and get an estimate.  

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