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Backflow Prevention

Who wants to drink contaminated water?


Water contamination is a serious issue. It’s a problem for your family, your neighbors, and your community. Most homeowners don’t realize the dangerous situation they could be in if they don’t have the proper backflow prevention equipment in place. This is truly where your sprinkler system begins - not just a tool for keeping your water clean, sprinklers are set up with backflow prevention protection to keep your water from being contaminated and irrigation system is considered a High Hazard to the city water supply.


Our mission at Safe, Clean and Green Ltd, is to spread awareness about backflow prevention, and it’s potential hazards, to the homeowners and businesses in our area. We want to protect your water supply because it’s connected to the water supply of everyone in the community.


What is Backflow Anyway?


Backflow occurs when the pressure in your sprinkler system is greater than the supply pressure from the city water supply. If unexpected water supply pressure fluctuations occur - such as a fire hydrant being opened to fight a fire or routine flushing - then the water pressure residing in your house and sprinkler system is greater than the city supply and could back-siphon into your drinking water and city supply (and contaminate the drinking water of the people surrounding you).


How Does Contamination Occur?


Your sprinkler system resides in your yard and is, therefore, exposed to much more than water. Regular lawn maintenance and landscaping means that your system is consistently exposed to a variety of chemicals - fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides, insecticides, animal feces, and more.


No one wants to drink this water.


Regular sprinkler system inspections can catch a backflow prevention problem and stop it in its tracks. If you have concerns about your own water, give us a call and let us come out and examine your system. We are licensed by the State of Texas as well as nationally in backflow prevention protection and are passionate about keeping drinking water safe and clean for everyone.

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