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Company Information

When Robert Glenn set out to create his company, it was about more than repairing sprinkler systems.  Water is one of the most precious resources our planet possesses and should be treated with care, conservation, and respect. Over the years, Robert has developed a passion for preserving and protecting drinking water in our community.


While in the U.S. Navy, Robert earned his keep as an Electronics Technician. This began his over 20-year journey in troubleshooting and repairing electronic equipment.  He knows how your sprinkler and irrigation system works.


In his 9 years in the industry, Robert has gotten Licensed and Certified as a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester/Technician through the State of Texas and the American Backflow Prevention Association, purchased a $1,000,000 General Liability Policy, and participates in continuing education classes throughout the year to stay current in his field. He takes his work, and his business, seriously so that he can provide the best possible experience to his customers.


Owning Safe, Clean and Green LTD combines Robert’s experience in electronic equipment, knowledge of how things work and passion for protecting water.  If you want a sprinkler company that does more than just repair and maintenance but has a genuine concern about the safety of your family’s drinkable water, give us a call.

Robert Glenn


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